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Why We Use the King James Version


The most effective video DVD explaining why we use the King James Bible, with an easy-to-understand approach that will help anyone understand the facts.



Why do we use the King James Version? If someone asked you, could you explain it to them? This new 21-minute video presents the facts in a clear, concise way that anyone can understand. It’s perfect for:

  • use as a “video tract”
  • Sunday School classes
  • home school studies
  • personal education
  • … and for sharing with family members and friends.

Why We Use the KJV DVD videoAfter watching this video, you will clearly understand the difference between the King James and the modern versions — and you will understand why we use the King James.

“Why We Use the King James” takes you through a brief manuscript history, talks about some of the personalities involved, and compares some important verses in the KJV with verses in the New International Version.

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